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Identity ~ As We Enter a New Year

As I had a little quiet time this morning, I was thinking about entering the New Year and how important it is to remember my identity. I don’t mean my name, where I was born, etc. but rather who I am – deeply rooted who I am. Some things that came to mind and apply to you as well is that you are loved, cherished, unique, have purpose that only you can fulfill. You have the ability to have an impact, are valuable (no matter where you’ve been or what you’ve done, the mistakes you’ve made). For me my faith plays an absolute role in who I am. Because I am a daughter of heaven I have the power to change (not necessarily on my own – it’s a two-part process), I am a conqueror no matter what comes my way and the list goes on.

As I enter this new year I want to remember my IDENTITY. I created this necklace as a Christmas gift for a sweet person in my life. In the past I created a soldered bottle with the same message. See below.

What do you want to remember this year? What part of your identity do you need to emphasize?



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