A Little R and R at the Hall of Fame

Hello  all,

I’m headed to Canton, Ohio to visit the Pro Football Hall of Fame and dear family.  So proud  of my uncle David who is President and Executive Director of the NFL Pro Football Hall of Fame.  I’m proud of how hard he works, how intelligent he is and all that he accomplishes but above all and most of all . . . I am proud of just who he is.  He  is an amazing kind, loving, generous wonderful man and I can’t wait to be hugged by this 6’9″ gentle man.  He moved from California to Ohio in January.  Miss him so much.  While my husband and daughter (I’ll  miss them) hold down the fort in California . . . my mom and I will be off to see her brother and my uncle and his lovely wife.  I am so in need of some R and R . . . I’ll be honest.  I’m a little burned at both ends and can’t wait to enjoy the Fall beauty and weather.  As well, looking to a slower pace and time with loved ones.  This is my first real vacation in about two years since before I started treatment.

So I am wishing you a little Rest and Relaxation.  I have some activities leading up to Friday when my mom and I head out to Canton.  I’m wishing you warmest wishes and time for you to concentrate on doing a little relaxing and resting!  Know you’re loved.  Will catch up with you soon.  Catch me on Facebook if you want to spy some photos of Fall in Canton or the Hall  of Fame.

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