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Stick a (Leather) Feather in It – Handmade Hats & Leather Pieces

I’m always up for trying something new. While I’ve played around with leather stamping and creating things made from leather but haven’t ever taken any formal leather tooling classes. I’ve always been a hat connoisseur and the last year or so I’ve started to really take interest in creating feathers, flowers and other leather things to top my hats.

Below are some things I’ve just played around with. I’m learning though and want to continue doing so. As well, I started out by creating and adhering pieces down to the hat itself. I got smarter and I’m creating hat bands that can be removed. One hat, lots of possibilities.

I am also a gal that loves to distress things. I’ve gathered some hats to burn, distress, draw on, paint, and more. Looking forward to playing.

How about you? Have you tried something new lately? What new medium or craft do you want to try? I say go for it. See what happens. There’s not a wrong or right way if you like it.

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  • Loni Lou

    Total love your leather designs for hats. Awesome creativity. I wear hats all the time because of my hair.

    • artsychick

      Loni, thanks for your sweet comments. 🙂 So glad knowing you wear hats too! Take care. I went through breast cancer and treatment and they came in handy then.