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10 Ways to Add Sparkle Using Stickles Glitter Gel – #2 and #3

If you missed the first way and some explanation on what the new Stickles Glitter Gel is, you can check out the post HERE.

Again, I plan on sharing at least ten ways to use Ranger’s new fantastic luminous medium, Stickles Glitter Gel. Again if you are local, you can pick Ranger’s Stickle Glitter Gel curbside by placing an order at Stamp Fever in Orange, California. Linda is a wonderful gal with a lovely shop. She’s happy to help with your creative endeavors.

The second way to use the amazing Stickles Glitter Gel is to apply it with an art spatula, through a stencil laid upon your page or tag. See a couple of samples below. One example is a handmade journal cover I created and the other a bright tag. More about the journal later. I like the different looks of the gel against the light and dark backgrounds, and even when simply adjusting the tilt of the gel. The way the gel catches the light at different angles is nice. I used the Nebula Stickles Glitter Gel on both the below projects.

Again, I used a stencil with the Stickles Glitter Gel. I then added some white and dark blue paint around the stenciled portion to create this ‘celestial’ type of themed cover. The Nebula Stickles Glitter Gel has stars in it which added to the theme. I also applied the Stickles gel on the fabric on the spine. If you let it dry thoroughly, it works lovely on fabric.

You get a different look when you the light catches the gel. You’ll see the progression below.

Catching light at different angles.
Catching light at different angles.

Use the glitter gel to jazz up a tag.

While I was cleaning the Glitter Gel off the stencils, I had an opps that turned into another way to use the medium. I had been working on another project and had a little wet paint on my craft mat. As I was cleaning the gel away from the stencil with a baby wipe, I noticed that the gel picked up the blue hue from the wet paint. I got this lovely pattern that had a slight blue hue to it, but still shimmered with some glitter. Play leads to other ideas for sure. Thus the fourth way to use Stickles Glitter Gel for a unique background. So I plan on using the baby wipe and paint technique on a future page, card background, or on a tag.

I hope you’re enjoying these different ideas. If you’d like to try this with Stickles Glitter Gel, you know where to get your hands on some. I just want to encourage you to play and create.

Even during these trying times, I want to encourage you to dream big, sparkle more, and shine bright.

Warmest creative wishes,

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