Encouragement to Take a Risk with your Art

When you share you’re art, you’re sharing a piece of yourself. I think so often we are critical of ourselves and our art and that might hinder from moving forward with promoting our work.

When I’ve submitted my work to a magazine company which I do regularly, there have been times that they chose to publish pages from my art journal that I most likely wouldn’t have. That old saying, ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ rings true. With that being said, I want to encourage you to share your art, don’t listen to naysayers, and move forward in spreading color and your beauty in this world. Be brave and share yourself.

I’m a big fan of Moo cards and have used them for years. My Moo cards have worked well for me and served as a great branding tool. I’ve smack run out of my Moo cards so have placed a new order. I went with a regular size (but rounded corners) and by-passed the minis this go round. I am excited about the design of the card and looking forward to sharing with you. They are on their way to me as I type.

Moo recently sent out an article about Illustrator Matthew Frame. I wanted to pass this on to you as I find it encouraging and a good read. An inspirational article that encourages artists to put themselves out there. While many of us don’t have space or finances for our own studio, I do believe in the great importance of attempting to create often whether it’s doodling, practicing calligraphy, painting, crocheting or whatever your niche might be.

You can read more about Illustrator Matthew Frame and his encouraging words to artists. As well, below is a place for you to be brave and share your art ~ Stampington is looking for artwork in the February art call.




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  • Tanya Napier

    This is so timely! After a few years of having a Simple Scrapper membership, I recently submitted 2 layouts for their membership magazine. Whether or not they get published, I was proud of myself for finally taking the leap!

    • artsychick

      I am so proud of you. Yes, it about the journey! I’m grateful you’ve taken that leap and I know others will be blessed as you share your life and craft with them.