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Throwback Thursday – Amazing Grace

It’s so popular right now to see folks post older photos of themselves or loved ones.  Several folks call it, “Throwback Thursday’.

Well, I’d like to share Throwback Thursdays with you as well but in a different context.  I have kept an on-line journal for many years now.  Recently, (July 2014) Go Daddy changed their blog hosting company from Blogcast to WordPress.  That’s fine and dandy however we never got ‘the memo’ and had no preparation.  One day, my blog was gone.  Thank goodness a few weeks back I was prompted to print out several posts I wanted to keep.  As I shared my journey through breast cancer last year as well as artsy adventures and life events, you also shared love, had conversation and were a great blessing.  You too have reciprocated.  Those comments, that dialogue gone.  But that’s okay because we have a new beginning.  I’ve loved ready the most recent comments and conversation!  We need one another . . . I need and love you!

So I plan on sharing some projects, thoughts and posts from the archives on ‘Throwback Thursdays’.  I hope you will enjoy.

We will start with a post from old called Amazing Grace. There are days that I need Amazing Grace and today is one of those.

There are days I’m overwhelmed by Amazing Grace. Each of us come from different places, have walked different paths but there is common thread . . . We share this life. We come from different faiths, have different gifts, personalities and experiences. I love that. My life . . . Is completely tied up in Amazing Grace. This Amazing Grace that allows me to live each day to the fullest; have a fresh start and gives me freedom. Other days I’m clinging to that Amazing Grace. This grace allows me not to be defined by failures or mistakes but covers my journey; past, present and future. “Isn’t it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet.” – Lucy Maid Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables.

I leave you with an entry in my art journal, an incredible video, and words that can swell the heart with emotion and gratitude. If you’ve never seen the movie ‘Amazing Grace‘ about the fight against slave trading, this video is a glimpse. The movie moves the heart. Chris Tomlin’s rendition . . . I believe you’ll be familiar with the first chorus so feel free to sing.


Daughter, Wife, Mother, Friend, artist, vintage loving, law enforcement officer, Southern Californian, God and country loving girl who loves to meet like minded creative people, share life with new and old friends. Art is a collaboration between God and the artist, and the less the artist does the better. ~André Gide

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  • Michelle Salazar

    Funny how I need this today and here it was amazing grace is perfect for me to remember that life changes and even though I am sad I should be happy for the changes and the journey ahead for me! Thank you for bringing amazing grace to me today!