Celebrating Freedom

Rodney, Abigail and I have lived in other countries and let me tell you, there is nothing like the freedom we have in America. It is certainly to be celebrated with gratitude and goodness. Wishing you a safe 4th as we celebrate freedom in our country. I leave you with a new rendition of “I’m Proud to Be An American.”

Can we do better, you bet. Do we still live in a country that has dedicated men and women and freedom like no other, you bet.

We played this song at our wedding as I married an amazing man and Marine. He was wearing his dress blues and freshly home from the Gulf War. Thank you to all who serve and who have served. Freedom comes with a cost.


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  • Susan Steele

    Wow!!! Absolutely luv this new rendition of God Bless the USA! My hubby and I got to see Lee Greenwood perform this song at his theater in Sevierville …many years ago …and it was Awesome! Everyone was in red, white and blue and with fireworks going ….it WAS Awesome! And …What a great song for your wedding! Thanks so much for the reminder and thanks to some who gave all. Hugs, Suzy Q