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Chip Art Tools for Sale

Have you heard of Chip Art? Some of you have and know that I used to teach with these amazing tools. They hadn’t quite been released when I met Melody Ross. A mutual friend introduced us. The tools are absolutely amazing. I’ve taught with them and then my husband and I opened a store to sell Chip Art items. I have a small inventory of these wonderful tools for purchase and I’d love to share a little more about the versatility of the tools.

Chip Art tools can be used on chipboard, books, leather, pressed into clay and more. It’s amazing. See below some images of what you can make with these amazing tools. So versatile!

Here’s a video by Melody on Chip Art 101 and amazing ways to use the tools.

Here is a post on Chip Art tools from Jeanne Oliver. Find more HERE.

Here are some of my previous creations with my beloved Chip Art tools.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the tools I have left in my inventory, please let me know by commenting below exactly what items you’re interested and how many. I will do my best to provide economical shipping via USPS boxes, etc. First come, first serve. I’ll also be throwing in some kind of goodie (a necklace pendant you can use with your Chip Art tools or a leather bracelet). I’m selling these at a VERY discounted price. These are now rare and difficult to find. These prices are a steal! Letter sets go no cheaper than $39.99 all the way up to $117.00. Please be aware that letter sets come with either a large or small tool. Smaller ornamental stamps do not come with a tool. I can accept PayPal. Once you place your order I will let you know about shipping (again doing my best to be economical). Please make sure you leave a proper email when making a comment.

If you need a mallot, the tools or a board, which I no longer have, you can find a very tiny remnant on Etsy or Amazon. Here are some I’ve seen recently . . . Mallot, a tool, decorative stamps and a set of Chip Art tools. It’s important when you’re searching to type in GCD Studios Melody Ross Chip Art.

Here’s the remainder of my small inventory for sale;

10 Bluebird Numbers & Glyphs – $13 each

1 Peacock Numbers & Glyphs – $13 each

1 Chickadee Numbers & Glyphs – $13 each

2 Squiggle Ornamental Stamps – $7 each

4 Scallop Title Chip Art Stamps – $7 each

1/4 inch Stamping (Smaller) Tool – $7 each SOLD OUT

4 Star Chip Art Stamps – $7

3 Line Title Chip Art Stamp – $7

Chickadee Uppercase Stamps – $18 each SOLD OUT

Warmest Creative Wishes Friends,

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  • Maureen Hayes


    I’d like the Chickadee uppercase alpha stamps and any other alpha stamps you might have. I had a bunch of this and when I got sick and had t move t another state I lost all of this, including the board and maillot, I have always wanted to create my own bracelets, etc… like your beautiful ones. I bought the set you linked to on Etsy so I will have the board and the mallet, but can check for me to see if I need stamping tool extender? If so, please add that as well. Do you use the squiggle ornamentals a lot? I am not sure what they look like and so am wondering if I should add them as well. I wish you had more alphabets. I had a bunch and they went into the trash which is heartbreaking! Anyway, please contact me so I can get answers and give you my Paypal info. Thanks so much Cheryl for letting us know you had these and for the links to the other resources as well. I will probably be emailing for help when I try to use this!


  • Amy Hickman

    I would be interested in some of these if they are still available. I need to find my list to.see what I need.