A Part of the Equation: A Call To Action

We have the choice and opportunity to make a difference in another’s life.  Right now, there is a lot of need in our community, towns, nation and across the world.  Having served and lived in third world countries for six years, I have certainly seen poverty.  My question to you is what steps are you going to take this week to make a difference.  First step is to name it and you may want to record this in your art journal or just write it down.  Make a plan to accomplish it.

Could be big or small.  Here are a few ideas that come to mind.  This week I’m going to smile at someone new or someone who I might consider a ‘porcupine person’.  Fill up a bag with food for a food  pantry that is feeding those in need.  How about serving at a soup kitchen?   Fixing a meal for a neighbor or friend in need?  Sitting with someone who is sick? Paying it forward at Starbucks, drive through or at a restaurant.  All kinds of ideas.  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

There have been seasons of need for us as well and others have loved on us and encouraged us in tangible ways.  We want to pay it forward.

How about you?  What call to action will you answer to encourage another?


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