Running With Scissors Hair Salon

First off I just want to say thank you for the love.  If you’ll continue to spread the word that would be wonderful. I love the connections and friendships I’ve made on my blog and surely don’t want to lose touch with these warm and wonderful people. Now . . . Recently a sweet family friend treated me to my first real hair cut after chemo. My hair is getting longer, not as curly, thick (not as thick as before), and yes, a bit grayer.  I guess I could say I earned those gray hairs. My friend was sweet to treat me to a haircut and introduce me to a new salon in the downtown Artist Village of Santa Ana. Meet my new friends Andy and Ray at Running With Scissors.  Of course, being a lead/founding Fiskateer (Fiskars – the Orange Handled Scissor Company) and working with them for six years, the name caught my attention.  Oh the love of scissors.  This hair salon ‘actually a studio’ is an art studio of a different kind.  They newly acquired and renovated their studio.  Prior to them owning the studio, it was a night gallery and it took a lot of work to get it in such beautiful artistic shape.  I love their artsy take on their salon so I thought I’d share a few photos with you.  The one photo with the strings is the view you have when you’re getting your hair washed.  Andy is the hair artist (that’s what I call him) and Ray runs the show.  I love too that Andy asked me what my normal routine was.  That makes a lot of difference! If you’re looking for a great cut, warm and wonderful service, a complete experience and live in the Southern Orange County, California area . . . this is your place.

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