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Fall Back (and Falling Forward)

Tomorrow is November 1st and time for most Americans to turn back our clocks tonight.  We gain an hour of sleep.

I have been thinking about falling back and falling forward in a different sense.  I started thinking about when we fall back . . . when the bottom of things falls out as we know them; when things are turned so upside down we don’t know which way is up; when something so shocking slaps you down and you are completely stunned as you never saw it coming; when your heart is so broken you don’t know if you can find all the pieces.   This is the time to fall forward and lean on some things we know are stable or that can help us heal (even if we have to start out by crawling).

I have experienced these situations more than once in my life.  Bam, you are in an unfamiliar place.  It’s similar to a Star Trek episode where you are beamed up to a completely different planet.  You are so stunned you don’t know what to do.  You feel like you’re flat on your fanny and can’t get up.  Your heart so shattered you are on your hands and knees frantically looking for all the pieces to put back together (so way worse than Humpty Dumpty).

Some thoughts on how I fell back but then I tried to fall forward.  Here are some things I noticed as I fell back and as I fell forward.

Falling Back

  • When I fall back, don’t discard the valley but remember it – don’t sulk in it.  Remember it so you can see how far you’ve come.
  • Chalk up the experience as a learning one.  Aren’t individuals that have overcome great obstacles attractive in an amazing way?
  • Ask yourself, what am I supposed to be learning?  Am I missing something?
  • Sometimes the hurt is so great.  Remember, there is still learning that can be had.
  • Out of the deepest sorrow, good things can grow.  A note; most organizations start to better things, find a cure, etc.  Many organizations come about because of a tragedy.

Falling Forward

  • Standing on your faith is such a comfort.  For me, when I fall flat on my back and daily, I look to my faith which is so dear to me.  I fall forward and look to my faith to stand.  It is my Solid Rock, my Shield, my Truth!
  • Falling forward on trustworthy friends.  Even when you feel like no one will understand, reach out.  Take a risk and lean forward on friends.  Maybe it’s a family member, maybe a co-worker you need to share with.  We need community to see us through.  We all need one another.
  • Fall forward and take a step, doing something that you enjoy.  I have been through the valley of depression before.  It can be a deep valley.  First and foremost my faith has saved me.  Art helped.  Art is so therapeutic.  I feel closer to God when I’m creating.  It soothes my soul and allows me to express myself in ways I might not otherwise be able to.
  • You may need to crawl before you stand and walk slowly before you run.  Remember it’s a process and be gentle with yourself.
  • Although you may feel like you are in the pits, remember there is a bigger picture and there is a benefit that is equal or greater that is coming.

So whether you are flat on your fanny, failing and falling forward or standing firm; whatever season in life you are finding yourself, know that it’s not completely bleak and there are people that care about you, rooting for you on the race of life.


Warmest regards,


Daughter, Wife, Mother, Friend, artist, vintage loving, law enforcement officer, Southern Californian, God and country loving girl who loves to meet like minded creative people, share life with new and old friends. Art is a collaboration between God and the artist, and the less the artist does the better. ~André Gide