For the last couple of years I had planned on bringing you some on-line classes.  Well, I can honestly say cancer caused a bit of an interruption.  After treatment and several surgeries, I am moving forward, gaining energy and ready to step out as time and stamina allows. Just about this time . . . this wonderful opportunity came about.  I hope you’ll join me on this incredible journey.  For $24.95 for a monthly subscription, you not only get my course (see below) but also that of about 80 other incredible Brave Girl artists and teachers on all subjects of life; art, health, social, and more.  You’re going to love!!!.  Ready to jump in?  It’s going to be mind blowing!  Check it out here to save your spot . . . Brave Girl University.

The first class I’ll be sharing (a long time in the making) is titled “Embrace Yourself” is all about you . . .  your gifts, how others need you, about the beauty of your unique gifts and personality, and how detours (unexpected interruptions – ie. cancer) as well as expected destinations (goals met) mold us into who we are and more.  I created an art journal recording chapters all about ‘Embracing Yourself’ (accepting, appreciating, embracing, taking ahold of).  ‘Embrace Yourself’ provides a ton of unique mixed media techniques with things you may already have on hand.  It includes out of the box ways to display your thoughts.  I believe and hope that these tutorials will inspire you but also encourage you to try new things, all the while recording how loved and special you are.  I want to artfully convey a heart message to you that you are uniquely made and are a gift to others!

Identity and craft mockup set with retro filter effect. Cute vintage mock up on wooden background.Embrace Yourself1


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