Most recently I am teaching on-line with some amazing fun and talented artists a creative Bible Journaling course titled  God, Glory, Art.  This is an amazing journey of faith, art and community for an incredible low price.  New to Bible Journaling?  Novice?   No matter, this is a wonderful faith filled journey together learning new art techniques and sharing  life with one another.  Find out more HERE.

Brave Girl University .  . . What an amazing opportunity to grow creatively and in life together with a beautiful community of women.  For $24.95 for a monthly subscription, you not only get my course (see below) but also that of about 80 other incredible Brave Girl artists and teachers on all subjects of life; art, health, social, and more.  This is a teaching platform full of rich encouragement and inspiration.  Ready to jump in?  It’s going to be mind blowing!  Check it out here to save your spot . . . Brave Girl University.

The first class I’ll be sharing (a long time in the making) is titled “Embrace Yourself” is all about you . . .  your gifts, how others need you, about the beauty of your unique gifts and personality, and how detours (unexpected interruptions – ie. cancer) as well as expected destinations (goals met) mold us into who we are and more.  I created an art journal recording chapters all about ‘Embracing Yourself’ (accepting, appreciating, embracing, taking a hold of).  ‘Embrace Yourself’ provides a ton of unique mixed media techniques with things you may already have on hand.  It includes out of the box ways to display your thoughts.  I believe and hope that these tutorials will inspire you but also encourage you to try new things, all the while recording how loved and special you are.  I want to artfully convey a heart message to you that you are uniquely made and are a gift to others!

Identity and craft mockup set with retro filter effect. Cute vintage mock up on wooden background.Embrace Yourself1


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