Rough Day Kit

We all have rough days from time to time.  Days where things just don’t go as planned, or an unexpected, not so joyous event takes place. It’s Summer and our girl is home with us but while off to college in Montana, I knew there would be days she would miss family or just need a little pick me up.

Quite a while ago, I received a cute little tin box called a ‘Rough Day Kit.’  Iy came empty and you were to customize it. I knew exactly what I was going to do with it . . . collect some things and send to our sweet girl at college.

I wanted to share with you the results.  I chose to pack the tin with photos of people and things she loves.  I also included little horse punches I created that serve like confetti, put quote stickers on beautiful patterned paper for inspiration, and tucked little badges (pins) inside the tin.  Here are a few pictures of the final.  While we were getting settled in her college dorm I gave it to her.

I think we could all use a ‘Rough Day Kit’ in case of a tough day to put in our desk or in our purse. Easy peasy . . . find an empty tin of some sort (Altoids would work great) and fill it with goodness.

Take some time to encourage yourself.

Warmest creative wishes and love,


  1. Mom says:

    Cheryl, why are you always makin’ your mama cry? Such sweet wonderful memories…
    I know that was a very difficult time for you, as I’m sure it is with so many families.
    This kint is a wonderful idea. It not only encouraged her, it was good therapy for you!

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