Planning at Work

I have a planner dedicated to home; chores, appointments and more. I also have a planner at work that I keep track of my projects, lists, to dos and more. I just thought I’d share with you the planner I have dedicated for work. I created all the clips and shakers you see with the exception of the Starbucks clip. I just thought I’d share. Being organized can be fun and pretty.

Do you have a planner dedicated for work? Do you have a planner dedicated specifically to a certain aspect of your life?


Warmest creative wishes,


  1. Marianne B in AZ says:

    I have been so bad about commenting on your blog, or anyone’s blog lately! I am not sure why. I have read your blog posts and I love the way you spent your day with Rod for your anniversary! I am so happy that you are working on making you the healthiest and best you possible! Staying outdoors and staying busy certainly will help with your goals!

    I will try to stay in touch better!

    Hugs and love,

    • artsychick says:

      You’re so sweet Marianne. Thank you for reaching out and for your sweet words of encouragement! I hope you’re well! Know you hold a special place close to my heart.


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