Tag, You’re It Friend – Part One

For the holidays, a group of crafty friends and I decided we would gift one another with handcrafted tags. It was a gift to the recipient but also to the giver. We even considered a favorite palette for each individual. I was excited to make the tags as personal as possible so I included a photo of something dear to their hearts. I love these ladies and wanted to make a very special tag special. I thought I’d share with you the tags I gifted my dear friends. In this post I’ve shared Sylvia and Tanya’s tag. Part Two will include Susan and Mary’s tag.

Sylvia’s Tag. Materials used: Plaster, ink, patterned paper, acrylic paint, stamps, tea bag.

Tanya’s Tag. She’s queen bee in her immediate family; the only gal. Supplies used; Fiskars hexagon punch, beeswax, tea bag, acrylic paint, stamps and ink, misc. scraps.

Warmest Creative Wishes,


  1. Debby Lewis says:

    Cheryl, this is amazing! I could see your friends in both tags. All your art seems to contain emotion and care. Can’t wait to see the next tags.

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