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Signs are a great way to convey love or a message of encouragement in your home. I’ve always loved taking something old and repurposing it such as the sign below in which was simply a rusted oval. I created something new when I added letters and a rose embellishment. As well, I love signs big and small throughout my home to communicate something special or serve as a reminder. See below just a few signs I have in my room.

If you’re in Orange County, California, specifically Lake Forest, where I happen to live, and you enjoy DIY, you may want to check out Board and Brush Creative Studio. Before it opened, I was curious and did a little research to find out what Board and Brush was. I was delighted to see that it’s a chain of DIY creative studios offering an array of products you can create. So if you’re not in California, check out their website as there may be a B & B near you. I’d love to know if there is one near you in the comments below. Board and Brush is a creative studio to create signs and other items like trays and planters. It’s a great place for a night out with friends or just to go and create.

Find out more about Board and Brush below.

Lake Forest Board and Brush | Wine & Painting Wood Sign Studio

A few signs from the Board and Brush gallery ~


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