IKEA Inspiration

As a family, we like to take a trip from time to time to IKEA.  Our daughter leaves to head off to Montana State University for college in just a couple of days.  IKEA has great dorm and design ideas.  We enjoyed our time as we strolled through the showcase floors and even purchased a couple of items for her dorm.  I’m going to miss our time together but it’s time for our baby bird to ‘fly.’

I’m always inspired when we go to IKEA and I thought I’d share a few photos that may inspire you as well! Enjoy!


  1. Marianne B in AZ says:


    Your pictures are lovely! I have never had the pleasure of strolling through an Ikea. I did just change my password on their website this morning =) I am leaning heavily towards purchasing a second Raskog. I don’t know if they are on sale right now, or if the price has actually gone down $5 since I bought the first one. It is the only thing I have from Ikea (besides a catalog, which I can look at for hours!).

    You have prepared your baby bird well. I think she will miss everyone, but otherwise, she will fly with ease!

    Oh, I have also heard it is always fun to see what is on the menu at Ikea, as well as what as is on n display =)

    Sending you many hugs, my sweet friend!

    • artsychick says:

      Marianne . . . if you come to the OC . . . we can take you there.
      You’re so sweet . .. the baby bird has flown . . . so hard but so exciting. I sure love you friend!

  2. Tanya Napier says:

    I love visiting IKEA! Mary and I just drove out to the new-ish one in Burbank last weekend. It was like going to Disneyland! Parking attendants, lockers…the whole deal!

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