Treasure Found – Vintage Planner Storage

Oh how I love finding something that is old, vintage or vintage looking which is also bargain that can be used for storage of art supplies!  A while back on Instagram and Facebook I shared a great piece I found to house and store my paint brushes.  As well, I found a great carrier for some fav washi tapes.  Clear and convenient.

Recently I found this darling box made for housekeeping supplies but I thought about what a great storage it would make for my planner items.  It lifts up into two pieces and has sections in the top tier.  The bottom portion of the box/tin is for larger items.  It has a handle for portability and is the perfect size to take with you to a planner event.  I made some dividers with an index punch and added a favorite tassel, pom pom and feather bling charm.  I love the color!

So be on the lookout for the perfect storage that fits your style and needs.  What’s a favorite of yours?  Something you repurposed, trash turned to treasure or something you found that’s perfect to help you get organized.

Warmest creative wishes,


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