* Pink Warrior Bracelet * A Reminder and Video How To

There are warriors that have gone before me in this battle.  They have stood . . . fought hard and persevered through the battle.  These warriors have fought for their lives, for their families, friends and for those that would walk this battle path behind them.  Thank you!

These last several days have been ones of appointments, tests, results and decisions.  We should have a surgery date this week . . . and MRI shows a satellite tumor . . . which classifies it as a little bigger.  Like I have said before . . . your love, support and encouragement lift me up to stand and face what is next.  Thank you!  Thank you and thank you!

I created this bracelet as a reminder that I am a 'Pink Warrior' and will fight hard.  Many of you have that title as well . . . and many of you are in the trenches with those who are battling.  Thank you will never express the gratitude for your support and strength I feel as WE travel this road together.

A little how to . . . to create your own . . . with your own motto or word of encouragement.

Here's what I used:

~ Chip Art Tools (mallet, block, Sparrow and Chickadee fonts)
~ Small Leather Piece
~ Leather Bracelet
~ Mod Podge by Plaid (Sparkle and Gloss)
~ Folk Art and Martha Stewart Acrylic Paints by Plaid (Different shades of pink and brown)
~ Water Mister
~ Paint brush
~ Unity and Fiskars stamps
~ Pearls for accents

Thank you again for all the incredible support that helps me to stand in battle!  I know I am surrounded by the power of love and support!   I'm entering battle zone and the strength of faith, family and friends will push me through!


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  • 11/19/2012 7:02 AM Linda wrote:
    Hang in there Cheryl, there are many who stand behind you and those that stand next to you and others that are before you to help guide you through the darkest hours. You are loved and cared for by me.
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  • 11/19/2012 8:33 AM BARB wrote:
    You have more support, good thoughts, prayers, and love than you could possibly imagine. Stand tall and believe in all that is good.
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  • 11/19/2012 9:33 AM Lisa wrote:
    Cheryl, I'm praying for you and your family through this. I love the Pink Warrior bracelet you made. With the Spirit of God within you, you are certainly up to the fight. Love in Jesus, Lisa
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  • 11/19/2012 12:52 PM Kelly Sas wrote:
    I continue to think of you and pray daily for you and your family as you fight this battle. You are so a part of my heart Cheryl. Your bracelet is beautiful.
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  • 11/19/2012 1:53 PM Tracy wrote:
    Hey Cheryl...you ARE the PINK WARRIOR!! Stay strong my friend...you are always in my prayers!!
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  • 11/19/2012 2:31 PM Lyn Dwyer wrote:
    What a gorgeous bracelet Cheryl.....love the title....GO YOU!
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  • 11/19/2012 8:23 PM Maureen wrote:

    When you get a surgery date, try to post it if you can, so we can all pray at the exact time of the surgery! You are SO loved and supported by so many, and that is a testament to what a loving, caring, generous soul you are to others!

    I love your bracelet, though I wish like heck you never had to wear it. Stay strong and feel the love and prayers that surround you and your family as you go through this battle.

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  • 11/20/2012 4:41 PM Marla H. wrote:
    Cheryl - You truly are talented and I sure hope all goes with with you during surgery and any treatments you have to endure afterwards. It sounds like you have a lot of love and support surrounding you. Keep your chin up!!!
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  • 11/21/2012 8:52 AM Suzi 5563 wrote:
    Standing beside you in prayer and cyber-hugs!
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  • 11/29/2012 7:28 AM Maxine Hodges wrote:
    Cheryl, I am so praying and hoping that God will give your medical team the knowledge and compassion to help you on this journey. Thinking of you! Love ya!
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  • 11/29/2012 12:17 PM Marta wrote:
    Hi Cheryl, Love the bracelet. You are so creative. Simple, but with a great message.
    Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go. Joshua 1:9
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  • 12/21/2012 10:37 AM Carlee wrote:
    These are amazing. I need about 5, but you know I can't draw stick people or make Popsicle cross. Perhaps someone is willing to make extras and sell them?
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