The Color Pink and Breast Cancer Awareness

This month is a month that is always forefront on my mind for several reasons.  As many of you may know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  This month is dear to me because our family has been touched by Breast Cancer . . . I know many of you can relate. 

You see, my aunt Patty is a Breast Cancer survivor.  I remember when she was first diagnosed.  I'm grateful for early detection.  While the cancer was very agressive and her future held very agressive treatment . . . she was steadfast and courageous!  I was able to go with her to her last treatment of chemo (seen in the above photo).

Some memories that really stand out in seeing my aunt walk through this journey;

I loved seeing the support and love of many reach out their arms during this time.
~ I loved seeing the strength and bravery of my aunt.
~ I was able to go with my aunt to her last chemo treatment . . . what love and care the nurses showed.
~ When my aunt lost her hair, her youngest son shaved his head in support of his mom.  Her son (my cousin) now plays for the Atlanta Falcons and Patty and Sam have played a roll in bring awareness to the fight against breast cancer through this avenue. 
~ I loved seeing how my aunt was used to encourage another (Fiskateer friend) who was going through a fight against breast cancer.
~ I remember my mom and I hosted a little mini matter hat party.  When my aunt lost her hair, we arrived with some fun hats.

Most of you are probably aware of the NFL's support during Breast Cancer Awareness month.  You see the refs with pink whistles and players with pink shoes, etc.  I love it.  You see everyone has a mom!  Many of us have sisters, aunts, and influencial women in their lives.  We are all influenced by women.  I've been eyeing
this hat.

Since it's Breast Cancer Awareness Month I thought it might be kind of fun to do a little scavenger hunt to learn more.  There is a link to one site or another that share information concerning breast cancer. 

~ One in every ???? women will get breast cancer.  You can get the answer
~ When did Breast Cancer Awareness Month
begin?  What year?
Breast Cancer . . . what is it?
~ What are
factors that can increase your risk of breast cancer.  Name Three.
~ What are some
symptoms of breast cancer.  Name One.
~ What are some of your best
defensive moves to find breast cancer?
Survival rates . . . what do doctors see?
~ What treatments are out there today?

I wanted to leave you with a few encouraging words from my Aunt Patty.  A survivor, awesome aunt and friend.  

This past weekend I ran into an amazing woman in a pink hat with blond tufts of hair exploding from the edges.  We talked about kids, football and then cancer.  She mentioned that she had been battling cancer since her son was 1 year old, he is now in college at UCLA.  She had been in remission twice before it came back with a grudge.  She was so positive and said that even though it had spread further that every year new studies and medications that are developed were really helping her.  We all need to be out there talking to others, encouraging them to be tested annually and not become complacent thinking that this will never happen to them.  I did all of the right things, ate well, exercised, annual mammograms and did not do hormone replacement therapy at menopause.  I was not going to be the “one in five” that was diagnosed even though my mom had breast cancer.  I was so wrong and even now at year 8 in remission, I still worry about the future even though God is in control.  Cancer has touched each one of us in some way.  Be vocal and be a part of the solution even if it is just being a friend to someone in need! 

I love my aunt and so grateful she is in remission!  I now make October the month I get my check.  Have you got yours?  It's good to know the facts and to talk about things, as Patty encouraged.  When we care about one another . . . we're going to discuss it.  Feel free to comment and share something you might have learned or converse right here (in the comments section).  It's so important that we encourage, learn from and communicate with one another.  We are all affected and in this life journey together.


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  • 10/24/2012 12:58 PM Jackie Bragdon wrote:
    A lovely story about an important issue and a beautiful woman. I first met Patty when she was in high school. Even then I sensed something special about her. She has grown into a woman of grace and dignity, and it is no surprise she is an encouragement to others. Thank you for sharing her with others.
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  • 10/24/2012 2:37 PM Donna Woods wrote:
    Thank you for sharing. Special hugs to you and your Aunt. My "girls" still need checked, will get that scheduled ASAP.
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  • 10/24/2012 6:54 PM TheresaMP wrote:
    I am a ten year survivor myself. I can totally relate to what your aunt has gone through. My life has never been the same. thanks for sharing your story.
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